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Welcome to the future: Gated Livestreaming

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In response to the dramatic turn of events globally and in the face of a full 21 day COVID-19 lockdown, Quicket has acted swiftly and pro-actively to release a brand new feature allowing for a smart, sensible, easy way to handle payments for your events and products you'd like to move online.


We're excited to announce this new feature we're calling Gated Content and Streaming.

Here's how Gated Content and Streaming works

  1. Load your event/idea onto Quicket
  2. Choose your preferred streaming platform partner
  3. On your Quicket dashboard you stipulate your livestreaming times and schedules
  4. Insert your streaming link or other content link
  5. Activate your Quicket page and promote your sales
  6. Once an item has been purchased your supporters will be sent a link with the time to access this content.
  7. Only users who have booked and are logged into Quicket can access this content.

For more help on how to enable streaming for your online event, click here to access our Knowledge Base article.

Ideas for how to use this feature - both Paid and Free

Here are some creative ways in which others are using Gates Content and Streaming:

  1. Teaching online workshops on your business expertise or skills
  2. Demo your new products and stock
  3. Sell vouchers for your business to be redeemed at a later date
  4. Run awareness webinars about your fundraising efforts
  5. Hold online classes - think Yoga, Dancing, Art, Cooking, Fitness or Coding classes
  6. Musicians could host one on one private acoustic sets for their biggest fans
  7. Hold online worship circles and faith based gatherings
  8. Collect alms, tithes and donations for your faith communities and organisations
  9. Livestream live gigs or plays
  10. Run your online consultation business - great for Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, HR Consultants, Psychics and anyone else scheduling by the hour.

Want to get started?

Get in touch with our sales team on 021 424 9308 or email [email protected] and we'll have you started in no time.

For help to easily set it up yourself, click here to access our Knowledge Base article.

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