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Meet the new Quicket GO mobile app!

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Seamless event entry management with Quicket GO

You asked and we listened... The new Quicket GO mobile app has been relaunched and is now available across Apple and Android!

As the mobile entry management app for Quicket event organisers, the app allows any event organiser running an event on Quicket to scan their guests' tickets at the door themselves with their own mobile device. Previously only available on Android, the relaunch means that the app is now available for Apple iOS as well.

Take note: Since the relaunch of the new app, the old Quicket GO app no longer works.

Since some of the changes we made under the hood were ones that affect the baseline of how the app works (i.e. breaking changes), the old app will no longer work.

Tip: If you have the old app installed, you will need to remove or uninstall it so you can download the new one, and then you'll be all set to scan any Quicket tickets at the door of your event.


What the new and improved app has to offer

Feast your eyes on some shiny new features that the Quicket GO mobile app has to offer:

  • A cleaner more intuitive user interface.
  • All the same functionality as the old app.
  • A handy check out function.
  • Speed upgrades - it's better and faster!
  • Works on both Apple iOS and Android, for both phones and tablets.

For those new to Quicket GO:

Here's an outline of the baseline features the old app had that are carried over to the new app:

  • Log into the app using your Quicket account.
  • Switch between your Quicket events.
  • Scan tickets with your device camera.
  • Search guest list and view complete guest details.
  • Check guests in / out.
  • Manual barcode entry mode allows for an external USB barcode scanner to be plugged in for high volume scanning.
  • Real-time check-in statistics.
  • Use multiple devices all running this app to increase your check-in rate.
  • Syncs between devices.
  • Works whether you have internet connection or not.

Get Quicket GO now:

Click or tap on one of the two buttons below, or head to Google Play or the Apple App Store on your device to find the Quicket GO app and install it.


There's no need to create a new Quicket account - simply use the same username and password to log into the app as you would use to log into your account on the Quicket website. If you're unsure of your password, you can reset yours here.

If you normally login with Facebook or if you require any further information or help, please contact us on 021 424 9308 or [email protected].

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