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Your golden ticket to a stress-free event

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A stress-free event.

Quicket is not only a self-managed platform for event organisers; but it’s also a place where ticket buyers are empowered with the ability to purchase tickets, edit ticket details, transfer and refund their tickets among other things. And all of this without ever needing to pick up the phone. Can you imagine how much of a stress-free event you could run?


With all these capabilities, however, we find there are a few queries and questions ticket buyers contact us about fairly frequently. And we know you probably get many of the same queries that we do. Knowing the sorts of questions you’re likely to get from ticket buyers ahead of time can help you create a powerful event page that gives ticket buyers everything they need to know before they purchase tickets, and of course, it gives you more time to focus on the important matter of creating the most awesome event possible.

Here are some of the common queries we get, in no particular order:

01. "I need more event / ticket info"

Ticket buyers come to your event page to book tickets, but before they book they’ll want to see what they’re getting for their investment. Remember that even if your event is free, ticket buyers are still investing their time in going to your event, so it’s important that you give as much detail as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to clutter up your event description with paragraphs and paragraphs of information. Less is more. But sometimes you need slightly more than less, which is also more 😉 If your event is on Quicket, you can take advantage of our Tabbed Content feature and organise the information in your description as you see fit.

It’s also a good idea to give ticket buyers as many resources as possible where they can look up additional information. If you have a website, Facebook page or Twitter account (or even just a page you keep open dedicated to your Toy Pom Gaston and his daily antics), you can link all of these to your event page under Organiser Details. You can even keep page visitors up to date in real time by adding your Twitter feed to your event page (or even Gaston’s Twitter feed though it mainly consists of barks and cute growls).

If any changes to your event come up, such as moving to a new venue, be sure to keep your page visitors and ticket buyers in the loop. You can add an alert message to the top of your event page letting visitors know of the changes, and keep guests informed by sending them an SMS or get your guests’ email addresses to send them a mail.

Pre-empt their questions:

To ensure none of your guests suffer a case of mild pre-event-attendance-panic, consider answering these questions in your event or ticket description:

  • Are there any age restrictions / do kids need tickets?
  • What’s included with each ticket type? (E.g. does the cost simply cover entry; is the ticket type valid for the entire event or just certain dates / times?)
  • What are guests allowed to bring?
  • Is there parking available for the event (and what distance it may be from the event itself)?
  • Will there be tickets on sale at the gate? If so, what would the price at the gate be if it is different from presale?
  • Is this event pet-friendly? I.e. Can Gaston’s friends come along?
  • Is there wheelchair access? This is extremely important and should never be overlooked.
  • Are picnics are allowed?  
  • What bar facilities are there at the venue?
  • Is there a an area for kids or a family-friendly zone?
  • What time do the gates open? And what time do they close?
  • Is the event cash-only? Are there ATM facilities at the venue?

Check out our article on the seven deadly sins of creating your ticket sales page for more factors to keep in mind.

02. "Can I get a refund?"

Don’t take it personally. As John Lennon once sang ‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’. It happens to everyone at one time or another; something comes up and plans must be adjusted. By default, Quicket has ‘allow refunds’ switched on when you create your event; this isn’t to encourage ticket buyers to request refunds, but it does streamline things. Allowing refunds gives ticket buyers the ability to action the refund right from their Quicket account without having to send in a support request to us or to you.

If knowing exact attendance is critical to your event say for catering purposes, you’re welcome to turn off refunds at any time. While disabling refunds doesn’t necessarily mean refunds won’t be requested, it will prevent any guests from cancelling their own tickets willy-nilly. But don’t worry -- if refunds are turned off, we won’t cancel anything without talking to you first.

03. "Can I buy tickets somewhere else, or on the day?"

This is one that comes up for a couple reasons. If all of the tickets you had listed on Quicket are sold out and there’s still a demand for tickets to your event, then people are going to want to know if they can still attend. Once your event is marked as sold out, we suggest letting your event page visitors know if there’s any other way to buy tickets offline or at the door, or if they’ll just have to keep an eye out for your next event.

We also understand that online shopping isn’t for everyone, so we do have other options for you to sell tickets off of our website while staying under the care of Quicket. Our vending system allows you to set up shop anywhere with internet access to sell tickets (at no cost to you), or you can purchase consignment tickets from us, or generate your own printed tickets from your event dashboard. These last two options come at a low cost; you can contact us for more details.

Stay a few steps ahead for a stress-free event.

These are just some of the queries we get from ticket buyers where you might have a hand in helping to answer before they’re asked. If you can, we recommend taking notes (whether mental or physical) on the queries you’re receiving from visitors and guests as well, and if you find patterns in queries that correspond to holes of information on your event page, simply add those details to your page! In the end it will relieve both you and your ticket buyers, allowing both you and your attendees to have as much of a stress-free event as possible. And of course, it means that you can get to tweeting out more of that silly Gaston and his crazy adventures.

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