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Your event is finished… now what?

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It's all about conversion.

Now, what can you learn that you can use to improve on for your next event? How can you strengthen your relationship with your audience and even get some anticipation growing for what you’re going to do next?

Stats to use after your event.

First, take a look at your data

What can you learn from the ticketing system you’re using? Is there data being captured that you can use to improve on your next event? For example, in Quicket’s reporting data you can learn what marketing channels worked best, when ticket sales happened and when attendees arrive. All important info that could help you in the future.

Here are a few things you might be able to learn from your ticketing system:

  • Is your website or ticket price right?

    If your website is not receiving a lot of visitors, you probably need to up your marketing efforts next time. You may be getting a lot of visitors, but not sales, so you'll need to consider whether your ticket price is right and/or if the wording and imagery on your website does your event justice. If you're using Quicket, have a look at this overview on using your visitor's report to see where your traffic is coming from. Of course, we’ve also got a few tips and tricks that could help you with this.

  • Who’s coming to your event and when?

    If you use a barcode scanner or something that electronically tracks people arriving at your event, you can see what times were the most popular for people to arrive. If you had a lot of no-shows, think about whether the value you’re offering is high enough OR if your event was free, consider adding a price next time so that people are more committed. This overview on using your Quicket guest list will help you look at your data.

  • What ticket type sold most and where are people buying?

    Check if your data tells you whether people got their tickets online, at a vendor or at the door.

Say thanks and see you next time

Make your attendees feel the love by sending them a short message to say thanks and how much you enjoyed bringing them this experience. Not only does this wrap up your dealings with them with a nice personal touch, but it reinforces their affinity for you and your events. This is also a great time to take the opportunity to thank any sponsors that were involved and tell everyone about any future events from you they should look out for. Let’s be honest, when your event is done, it’s on to the next one 🙂

You can do this by sending out an email or using MailChimp. Quicket has a feature that lets you integrate MailChimp with their system.

See how it’s done, here.

Share your event content

People love being reminded of their awesome time and seeing and sharing photos of themselves with friends (this is pretty much the entire reason that social media exists). For anyone who couldn’t go, this’ll give them reason to go next time. Nothing like a good case of FOMO to get interest building in your next event.

Some ideas on great content to share:

  • Videos, notes, websites and social media links of speakers, artists and retail/food stands
  • Photos for people to download, tag and share
  • A Twitter list of event goers
  • A short blog article to continue the discussion

You can do this via your event Facebook/Instagram page and/or by emailing.

Make sure take note of what you can learn after your event.

Do a survey

A survey is a great way to learn about your attendees’ experience of your event and it also makes them feel like their opinion matters. It also helps if you’ve got something you’d like to try but want to test if your target market has an appetite for it.

A few survey question ideas:

  • What do you think we can improve on?
  • Was there something you felt was missing?
  • What was the best part about the event for you?
  • From 1-10, rate the following (food, toilets, bar facility, service)

This is really easy to set up via Survey Monkey, Google Forms or Typeform.

And last but definitely not least...

For all your hard work, you can look forward to your ticket pay-out. Make sure you know what your ticketing system’s policy is and when you’ll be receiving it. It’s important to know so that you can take it into consideration when planning your supplier pay-outs, tax and cash flow. Some will hold on to your funds until any disputes are resolved. Quicket’s policy is a guaranteed pay-out within three working days of the event ending.

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