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The who, what, why of Quicket

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Who’s behind the hard-working tech? What makes Quicket’s team tick? Why ticketing? Here's more about Quicket and the people behind it.

Passionate about building all things tech, friends and business; partners James Tagg, Mike Kennedy and James Hedley were always looking for solutions that their web-development business could solve. The guys soon recognised a need for event ticketing to become more efficient and easier to manage for anyone who wants to host an event. And in 2011, Quicket was born.

Together the three Quicketeers have put a team together that makes this innovative technology run smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year. And every four years or so, 366 days a year.


A little about the tech

It’s easy to think that ticketing is just the exchange of money for a ticket. But through their years of experience, the Quicket team learned they had to offer something a lot more complex to really answer people’s needs.

The Quicket platform:

  • Is robust and able to handle high volumes of sales at a time
  • Incorporates show schedules, seating plans, bulk discounts, group bookings and more
  • Provides marketing support and post-event data

And for something so comprehensive, what is the thinking behind the design and user experience? Quite simply, simplicity itself.

“Organising an event is one of the most stressful jobs out there and we’re trying to make ticketing one less thing for organisers to worry about.” says James Tagg.

For events big and small

As mentioned above, Quicket's platform is powerful enough to handle massive events for thousands of people, but it’s easy and affordable enough to be used for really small events too. Handling the small stuff is just important as handling the biiiiiig things.

James Tagg explains: “It can be a 20-person book launch, a dinner or yoga class. It makes collecting the money easy and people can build a following.”

The Quicket culture

Curiosity. Honesty. Initiative. Interest in technology and trends. Helping each other and their clients beyond expectation. That’s what the Quicket culture is all about.

Mike describes them as “a fun-loving bunch of friends (team) who value each other and enjoy each other’s company over a beer. We're always looking at ways to innovate that ultimately help our customers and drive the success of their events.”


What makes them tick?

Like any family or business, the driving force behind Quicket comes from the guys actually in the drivers’ seats. So what drives them?

  • James Tagg: “Automation, efficiency and invention! Whether it’s finding the most efficient workflow or the most energy efficient way to make a cup of tea.”

  • Mike Kennedy: “Technology and the vast implications it has and will continue to have on the world.”

  • James Hedley: “I’m passionate about building an innovative business that creates true value by doing things differently.”

What event do they wish someone would create in SA?

  • James Tagg: “A silent disco done with adjustable augmented reality!”

  • Mike Kennedy: “Pink Floyd tribute band with potjie and beer.”

  • James Hedley: “A celebrity chef cook off… boxing match style.

What's next?

You can expect some exciting developments from the Quicket team. This includes expanding globally, payment innovations and a new kiosk system. Watch this space.

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