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Look at us! Disrupting South Africa’s ticketing business landscape

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One of Quicket’s key objectives is bringing ticketing technology into parts of Africa that probably have fragmented payment landscapes due to any number of factors. With this in mind, we are incredibly proud to be named as one of Webber Wentzel’s #Ignite10 Legal Incubation Program Winners (we know it’s a mouthful but it’s a mouthful of which we’re extremely proud). This #Ignite10 achievement goes a long way in helping us realise our goal of becoming a truly pan-African self-managed ticketing solution.

Single match being ignited. #Ignite10

Webber Wentzel launched this program to support entrepreneurs as a key driver of South Africa’s economy as part of their celebration of being in business over the last 150 years.The program aims to help shape the future of our country, while working to drive the growth of the chosen high-impact entrepreneurs who are helping to disrupt their respective industries for the better.

Changing industries

“Specifically, we're excited about this group of 10 companies because of what they're doing to change their industries. And what they're likely to do, the scalability of their businesses, their promise, and also their particular founders. We really like each of them. We think they're going to do great things and we’re very excited for the opportunity to partner with them, drive their growth and support their futures.” - Aalia Manie (Project Lead & Partner at Webber Wentzel)

During the fanfare, Director & Co-Founder at Quicket, James Tagg, joined two of the other winners - JP Kloppers (CEO of BrandsEye) and Tiaan Van Der Spuy (CEO of Leaply) - along with Webber Wentzel’s Project Lead & Partner, Aalia Manie, and Partner at Knife Capital and #Ignite10 Panellist, Andrea Bohmert in the #ClassicBusiness panel on Classic 1027. Something that is well worth a listen.

The human element

An apparent theme within the panel, is that most human element of a company. Indeed, it was something which came up a number of times in the panel. In fact, James Tagg shared it as the one thing he would not have changed along the journey of Quicket so far:

“In terms of who you hire and how you build a team - we’re still a small team. But we’ve never gone the route of getting people with letters after their name or big degrees. We’ve always tried to build a company with a culture that mirrors our own aspirations, our own ethics, our own way of looking at things. In that way, we’ve built a very tight and close team that’s almost able to act autonomously, individually, but with the same common understanding of how we should build this business and how we should treat our customers, and how we should grow and basically operate. So for me that’s been an absolute, total blessing to have that in that way and it’s by pure chance and instinct that it’s worked out that way. It’s worked out really well for us.” - James Tagg (Director & Co-Founder of Quicket)

The discussion

Have a listen to the panel discussion below or click here to listen to the podcast on, and see the complete list of selected companies below this article.

7 May 2018: The Classic Business Panel

List of Top 10 #Ignite10 winners, including Quicket

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