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School marketing made as easy as can be with Quicket

This last September saw the Independent Schools Marketing Association (ISMA) Conference take place at the Spier Wine Farm, in Stellenbosch. The conference gave Quicket a chance to view all the new ways that schools who already use the Quicket platform are making use of it, decreasing their admin and improving their school marketing.


The conference also gave us the opportunity to connect with other schools to see how we can help them simplify their admin, while showcasing the many other benefits that the powerful and user-friendly Quicket platform offers. It has, after all, become a firm favourite in the classroom.

"Where people count and marketing matters"

ISMA aims to promote marketing efficiency of schools, to build marketers’ networks and to offer support and direction in the ever-changing world of marketing independent education in ISASA schools. From what we saw over our three days at the conference, ISMA is certainly nailing that objective.

Teachers, school administrators and even exhibitors were given the opportunity to learn from various noteworthy speakers, as well as network with one another in a free and open environment. An environment which embraced collaboration and sharing.

Not only was it fantastic for us to meet teachers who we may previously only have ever dealt with over the phone or via email but whenever someone new came to enquire about how we can help them, we were completely humbled that teachers who have been using Quicket for their schools went out of their way to recommend us to their colleagues.

Here’s what Hout Bay International School had to say about their experience so far:

“Where to begin? AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! If only I could give Quicket more than 5 stars 🙂 The team is so professional and always extremely helpful! Working with Quicket definitely improves my day; all so efficient and always willing to venture into new territory for me. User-friendly and downright awesome!! Can't explain how many compliments I've received regarding the system. Definitely never using any other booking platform!” - Bianca Blows, Hout Bay International School.

When the time came for us to showcase exactly what schools can use the Quicket platform for, and just how much time and energy they can save doing so, it was incredible to see the excitement and buzz amongst conference attendees.

After this, endless chats were had with representatives from each of the schools in attendance. And while we’d love to tell you all about each of those interactions, we’d feel remiss if we didn’t detail the main points that the school representatives were excited to look into and benefit from:

  • Integrating seating plans to cater for seated performances
  • Setting up extra-murals on the site
  • Passing on all administration to Quicket
  • Quicket facilitating the payment
  • Data collection
  • Thorough reporting and accounting
  • So easy to use, it can be outsourced to students!
  • Control over you own entire event

To learn more about running an event at schools and how you can drastically decrease the admin involved and improve your school marketing, read this article here.

Changing the way you feel about admin

Much like ISMA, Quicket aims to add value and make a difference in the lives of anyone and everyone – we want to help anyone creating an experience to do so with ease exactly the way they want, so that they can connect with and inspire others. It was particularly rewarding to share in this firsthand.

Our platform is changing the way both parents and teachers alike feel about administration in schools – instead of it being tedious, they are now steaming ahead with gusto knowing that they are in good hands. A lesson we were happy to share in with all attendees.

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