Video on Demand

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Video on demand

Record your live event stream and make the re-runs available to a larger audience

Organisers, performers and promoters of online events need a way to stream their live shows to their audience.
There is a large part of the audience who can't make it on the day to watch the live experience, but that doesn't mean they should miss the show entirely, and organisers can now offer a way for re-runs or prerecorded shows to be made available to audiences.

Introducing Video on Demand (VOD)

Quicket's latest addition to it's video and streaming platform for events now gives organisers two important options in making video content available.

1. Record your live show

We have found that up to an additional 40% of ticket sales for streamed events are coming from people wanting to buy tickets to watch the show re-run. That's a huge opportunity for streamed events to capture an audience that couldn't watch the live event.

How does it work?

When using Quicket's Hosted Streaming, organisers can broadcast their live show directly to Quicket's streaming platform to protect access to the content to ticket holders. If you as the organiser want a recording made available, simply check the option to have your event live stream recorded and made available as a VOD after the live event ends. Quicket does the rest, recording the live stream and making it automatically available on your event profile 12 hours later. Ticket sales protect access to the VOD, so existing ticket holders can watch the VOD if they missed the live show, or people who heard how great the event was can buy tickets just to watch the re-run.

2. Upload pre-recorded video shows

For those who have a pre-recorded event, instruction video, class, tutorial or any other kind of recorded content that they want to either monetize or protect access to, you now have the option to upload that content in your Quicket event instead of a live stream. The VOD is available for as long as you want it to be.

What about quality?

We automatically transcode your live stream or pre-recorded video into multiple bit rates and our video player picks the best bit rate for the viewer's internet speed. Simply put - your content comes to us at a single quality and we turn it into multiple qualities to suit your audience's internet speed. No more buffering!

We can't wait to see what you do with the new options and how you capture a larger audience with Quicket's hosted streaming and video on demand platform!

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