Live streaming or partying in pods


Eyewitness News: The economic devastation wrought by COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns continues to be felt. But some event companies on Friday said they were hopeful about the upcoming festive season.The industry is still in recovery mode after months of shut down, but Director of events company Quicket, James Tagg, said the upcoming season would be a bit different from … Read More

Organiser pages: why you should use them and how they work

Roxanne ArmstrongEvent Tech, Everything, Quicket

Your Free Event Website: An Organiser Page on Quicket

Your Organiser page is the answer to the event questions you may not even have thought to ask yet! What is an Organiser page, we hear you ask? (See there’s another one of those questions you haven’t even thought of yet.) Well, think of it as the perfect “Home” for all your events. It’s the…