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Quicket Event Starter Course – Lesson 1

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Event Starter Course: Lesson 1 - Before You Start

Lesson 1:
Before You Start - What you need, how Quicket works, fees, and how and when you get paid.

This is lesson 1 in the Quicket event setup starter course.
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Welcome to our event starter course. At the end of this 4-part course your event page on Quicket will be in draft mode, where you’ll be able to edit and optimise it further.

Let’s begin, shall we? Here’s what’s important for you to know before you create your event on Quicket.

Before we start, it's good to know that you can do a lot on Quicket - if you can think of it, it's likely possible to set up. We're always here to help and have a wonderfully responsive Customer Success team, so if you're ever not sure of want to know if something is possible, give us a shout! The best channel for support with your event is to email us on [email protected] or to call us on +27 21 424 9308.


1  What do I need to get started?

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Pretty much nothing, really.

Once you've registered your account, which only requires your email address and setting a password, you can immediately create your event on Quicket. There you'll be asked some basic details about your event: the event name, date, location, ticket information, etc.

If you don't have all of the information at this stage, no worries! You can still edit every single piece of information after you’ve setup your event (however, note that once a ticket is sold for a ticket type, you can't edit the price of the ticket type).

Our next lesson has more info about registering your account and the quick event creation process.

Before you create your event, you’ll probably want to know how Quicket works, what the fees are, and how and when you’ll receive the ticket sales funds from your event.

2  How does it work?

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Note: This course will walk you through all aspects and options of running your event on Quicket so there’s no need to implement any of these steps right now.

Before you start: How Quicket works
How Quicket works.

Here’s an overview of how Quicket works and the journey your ticket buyer takes:

  1. You register your account on Quicket.

  2. You set up your event page. This is the page online where people can buy tickets. It’s quick and easy to create, and if you need help, we’re here!

  3. You market your event using emails, social media, etc. and drive traffic to your event page. Quicket has lots of tools to support you with this and help you track your marketing efforts.

  4. People on their mobile phones and computers follow the link to your event page where they can book tickets. Depending on how you choose to list your event (Public or Private), they can find this link by using Google, searching for your event on Quicket, or by getting the link directly from you, however you choose to share it (via email, Facebook, etc).

    Once on the event page, they can book and pay for their tickets, using one of many payment methods in our short and streamlined purchase process.

  5. Instead of taking a long to collect tickets from a kiosk, guests can simply download their tickets from their emails or Quicket account (which we'll create for them), or they can choose to receive their tickets via Facebook Messenger.

  6. They take this ticket to the event on the day and the door staff checks them in by using our free scanning app. They don’t even need to print it out, and can just show it at the door on their phone.

  7. You and your guests Experience Awesome and your ticket sales money gets paid to you 2-3 business days (SA events) after the event ends.

3  How much does it cost?

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No contracts. No signup fees.

First off, it’s important to know that Quicket has no contracts and no signup fees. We only charge if and when we process funds on your behalf. In other words, we only charge on each ticket sold. This means if you’re unsure about running your ticketing online, you can rest assured that it’s extremely low risk to setup and run your ticketing through Quicket.

Free events are free.

What about free events? Well, since there are no funds being processed for an event with free tickets, that means that you’re able to use Quicket for free. And no, we don’t mean a limited or scaled down version - you get to use the entire Quicket platform for free. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Mahala. This also means you can give it a test run and play around with the platform before setting up an event that has paid tickets. And complimentary tickets to a paid event? These are free too.

So what about the fees that we charge? These are split between you as the organiser, and people who buy tickets to your event. Quicket’s fees are some of the most competitive rates amongst ticketers in South Africa and the rest of Africa. Take a look:

Fees charged to you.

The fees charged to you as the organiser are split into two parts.

The first of these is referred to as the Quicket commission. We only charge 2.4%* ex VAT on every ticket sold. For NPOs and PBOs, this fee drops to 2%* ex VAT. And if you have a higher volume of ticket sales (R250k in ticket sales or more) get in touch with us to discuss volume-based discounts.

The second of these fees is for payment processing. This is split from the Quicket commission to give organisers the option of using an independent payment processing service. This fee, however, is only 2.5%* ex VAT to run your payments processing directly through Quicket, and often works out far more cost-effective - and notably with a lot less hassle - than setting up and using your own merchant account.

So in total, the fee charged to you as the event organiser would be 4.9%* ex VAT (2.4% commission + 2.5% payment processing).

Before you start: Quicket's Pricing
Pricing for Quicket South Africa.

Fees charged to your ticket buyers.

The fee charged to your ticket buyers is called the booking fee. This R5* fee is charged where the ticket price is R100 or more, but this amount won’t affect you as the organiser unless you change the settings on your event on Quicket and choose to absorb the booking fee. More on this later, as this option is given to you as you create your event.

Running the door of your event.

How about equipment and gate staff to run the door of your event? At Quicket this is an optional addition called Field Services and involves the rental of access control equipment, supplying and managing gate staff and generally running your door on the day of the event. This is by no means a mandatory service and you can absolutely still run the door of your event yourself. Quicket’s Field Services is not included in our basic fees noted above but instead are quoted on an event by event basis. You can request a quote directly from your event dashboard on Quicket, but we’ll cover this in an upcoming course as well.

*These fees are for events in ZAR. For more information on the fees for other countries, click here for Quicket Uganda, here for Quicket Zambia, and here for Quicket Kenya.

4  How to get your funds?

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Lesson 1: Before you start - Section 4
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Add your bank details.

To have your funds paid out to you, you simply need to add your bank details to your Quicket event. You can do this during your event creation, or once you’ve submitted your event. The sooner you have these bank details added to your event, the better, as this enables us to get your funds to you as quick as possible.

Get paid within 2-3 business days.

We pride ourselves on offering the fastest turnaround time amongst ticketers operating in South Africa. Your funds will be paid to you within 2-3 business days after your event has ended. The reason that you’re paid out after your event and not before is that as the party that collects the ticket funds, Quicket is legally liable for any refunds in the case of an event that doesn’t happen.

Early payouts.

If you’re needing access to funds before your event, this is not something that Quicket offers. That said, you’re able to set this up by using an external payment processor such as Payu. For the smoothest, simplest and fastest option, however, it is recommended that you use Quicket’s own payment processing.

5  First steps?

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To get started immediately, click here to create your event on Quicket. Remember: you can edit almost everything later! Alternatively the rest of this starter course will walk you through event creation, giving you more information about the crucial parts that you need to be aware of. We will also highlight all of the options available to you during this initial setup.

If you want to create events in the future, at any point you can go to, Click ‘Organise Events’ from the menu bar, then click ‘Create Event’

Ready for the next lesson of our Quicket Event Starter Course? Click here.

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