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Quicket Go - the mobile app for event organisers using Quicket - was launched in 2017 purpose built for checking stats and scanning tickets easily in offline or online conditions. The latest version, hot off the production line, sees a host of new and powerful features to take your on-site ticketing to a whole new level. If you’re an event organiser, you know how important it is to have a good ticketing system. You need a system that makes it easy for your attendees to buy tickets, but also to help you keep track of who’s coming to your event, and how ticket sales are going in real time. Quicket Go is now the ultimate tool on your mobile that allows you to seamlessly see this information at the click of a button.

I can SELL tickets in the app?!

This latest version of the Quicket Go app allows you to sell tickets, cancel orders AND give you the ability to print tickets with bluetooth printer integration. Pay, print and scan all in one go and in a matter of seconds.

Payment Gateway Integration

Quicket Go now provides a built-in Scapscan integration for South African events, allowing you to accept payments via Snapscan, with plans already afoot for a card integration so that you can process the card payment on the same Yoco device that you're currently selling tickets from, turning the Quicket Go app into a handheld ticketing POS. 

In countries where mobile money is an important payment channel, we will also be integrating mobile money, which will allow the ticket buyer to enter their phone number when purchasing, which then sends them a payment request to their phone and once payment has been made, will sync back to the app to record the sale and issue the ticket.

Quicket Go Supports Multiple Currencies

Quicket Go supports all currencies that Quicket currently supports online, with new currencies continually being added..This makes it easy for event organisers to sell tickets in many different countries.

Quicket Go Integrates Seamlessly with Quicket Dashboard

The Quicket Go app integrates seamlessly with the Quicket Dashboard by adding the onsite sales and check ins from the app, to the online purchases. This gives organisers a consolidated and up to date ticketing, check in and financial report on one system.

We have only gotten started!

The team behind the app are already planning the future and what’s to come is exciting and completely game changing. Planning has begun for added payment gateway integration and offline sale functionality. Giving organisers the ability to sell tickets offline and avoid delays and unhappy event goers is imperative. This feature will no doubt be handy when internet drops or power is cut, sadly not uncommon these days!

Another great feature to look forward to is payment reconciliations on the app which allow for tighter cash ups on site across different payment methods, time ranges, and operators.

We are excited to welcome you to the new version on the Quicket Go mobile app, packed with features that you need to take your onsite ticketing to the next level. From contactless ticketing to real-time sales tracking, Quicket Go has everything you need to make your and your event goer’s experience awesome.

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