How event creators are using Quicket to navigate a return to physical events

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With the reintroduction of small events, now is an important time for all event organisers to be aware of the need for correct protocols and safety. Quicket is not only your ticketing company - we can also assist with specialist equipment and teams for your contact tracing, timed event entry and Access Control that complies with all the event re-opening guidelines as well as an onsite Stream Team which can bring your physical event to online audiences.

Let us take a look at the different aspects of how Quicket can assist you during this time of Covid and beyond. 

Time slot entry or sessions

To assist with social and physical distancing practices we offer a time staggered event entry solution as well as a timed session solution. A market or restaurant might want to book sessions of people - be it 20 or 50 people per session - for a few hours per session. Our system can assist with the booking of these sessions by limiting the number of people per session. If you are running an event, we can setup your event page on Quicket to ensure there is a time staggered entry to the event by asking customers to choose the time in which they would like to arrive. This would assist with keeping to social distancing practices and integrating customers into the venue in a controlled manner. 

You could also make use of Quicket's scheduled events system which allows you to create a series of events on different dates. This is a great way to setup a timeslot event or sessions on different dates. These features aren’t only useful during Covid, but can also be used for events with repeated sessions or shows, events with venue capacities, or markets and venues with different sittings.

What would this look like? 

Time slots and sessions based entry:

Below is how the setup would look from your event dashboard:



This is what booking timeslots or sessions may appear:



Scheduled dates:

Below is how the setup would look from your event dashboard:




This is what booking different scheduled events looks like:



Contact tracing

Contact tracing as set out by event re-opening guidelines require the ticket buyer to enter information about themselves on registration which allows an organiser to contact the customer should it be needed from a health and safety perspective. The basic information should include, but is not limited to: First name, Surname, contact number, email address, alternative contact number, home address, and whether the person is a guest or employee. Quicket registration already requests that a ticket buyer supply us with Name, Surname, Email address and Cellphone number. The extra information can be included on registration by making use of our collect custom information feature. This has always been available on Quicket and is a feature that many organisers use to collect information from their audience. 

Contactless event ticketing and payment solutions

Most ticketing platforms nowadays, including Quicket, send an electronic ticket to the customer which can be shown on a cellphone screen or printed at home, and can be scanned with no contact needing to be made. At Quicket we also offer a few contactless payment solutions for the day of the event. Our offers include Yoco Tap and Go, Snapscan and Zapper. Should you want to make use of these payment solutions at your event, market, or restaurant to name a few, get in touch with us and we will send you more information. 

Staff registration, contact tracing and temperature management

Staff registration is not something that organisers tend to concern themselves with, as each supplier brings their team. But with new event legislation coming into play, staff registration for anyone onsite at any point is going to become a vital part of hosting any sort of gathering. Registering staff can be done entirely for free on Quicket by setting up a private staff registration "event" with custom information collection on free tickets. Staff can be invited to register on the private event, and during registration will be required to fill in whatever information you require. Once done, you have an information-complete staff roster - all at no cost to yourself. A great addition to this is the QuicketGo app, which is free to download on iOS and Android and which can be used to scan the staff in and do the necessary temperature checks once onsite. Staff will also need to sign disclaimers, which could be integrated into the registration process on Quicket by using our collect custom information feature. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can assist.

Access Control

Quicket’s Field Services department can assist your events’ Access Control whilst complying with the strict re-opening guidelines. We have all the necessary PPE equipment in place, which includes contactless scanning of tickets and payment solutions, sanitising stations, social distancing floor markers, and more. The Field Services team are up to date with all the re-opening guidelines, and are able to facilitate a smooth access control process for your events whilst ensuring compliance with the guidelines. Should you just wish to rent equipment, Quicket can assist there too, again whilst maintaining the correct health and safety process. If you would like a quote on Quicket managing your Access Control, please get in touch with us on [email protected] 

Stream Team

Want to have a physical event but you are concerned that not everyone is ready to venture out into the world yet? We have a great solution! We have partnered with a few videography companies to bring you a live stream team that can live stream your physical event while it happens so people can still enjoy your event from the comfort of their own home. The Stream Team is able to take the hassle and stress of broadcasting your event to a secure online viewing portal, allowing you to focus on delivering a memorable event to your physical participants while viewers around the world can tune in to enjoy it.

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