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Fundraising is a universal need which spans a wide spectrum of circumstances with the aim of preserving, promoting and empowering causes which improve our world.


Introducing Quicket Fundraising

Why the need for another fundraising platform?

In event ticketing, we have been exposed to the extreme demands of processing payments in burst loads as tickets go on sale, in multiple currencies, and facilitating automated payouts to many of Africa's top events, and to tens of thousands of smaller unique events. This robust payment processing is supported by expert teams who provide time-sensitive critical support to ticket buyers with the aim of ensuring a happy ticket holder.

We realised that fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns could use this expertise, and would need:

A good looking, easy to use, mobile friendly donation page
Potential donors need to see what they are contributing to. We have perfected event pages on Quicket's platform to allow custom designs, artwork, content tabs, videos, and more. We now bring that to fundraising to inspire your donors and give them the confidence they need to trust and back your campaign.

When they have made the decision to do so, it needs to be super easy, which is why we've made our donation widget on your fundraising page capture minimal information and facilitate the transaction without needing to log in, fill in forms, or be redirected. We do this, because we know that for every step a donor needs to take, you risk losing them, which is why we have made our payment process a single step for donors. As soon as they complete payment, the donation target meter fills up, giving them the confidence and security that their contribution has made a difference.


Best in class payment processing
Once a donor decides they want to make payment, the payment process has to work perfectly otherwise you risk losing the donation. Since we've been perfecting payments for events since 2011, we understand the ecosystem and have integrated many payment providers into our payments layer, while processing more transactions than all South African fundraising platforms combined. If any provider has issues, we can switch to backups so you never miss out on a donation opportunity.

Key to any platform is it's ability to help users when they need it. High pressure event scenarios have taught us the value of calm, expert support to ease transacting and give users the confidence to pull off a great event. That same expertise is one of our hallmarks and can be seen repeatedly given 5 star reviews on popular review platforms, including HelloPeter, Facebook and Google, and is at your disposal as a fundraising organiser or contributor.

Many projects, causes and goals need cashflow at regular intervals from their fundraising efforts to reach new milestones. We have brought our automated payout system to fundraising to facilitate this by providing weekly automated payouts for campaign organisers, with no payout fees.

Low fees
To maximise the amount you get out of your fundraising efforts, you don't want to lose a large chunk to the fundraising platform. We understand that, and are able to offer an industry beating fee of 4.9% which we deduct from the amount that we pay you. This covers the cost of payment processing, support, and platform services.

Donors pay a small fee of R3 when they make a donation, which we have found is small enough that it doesn't deter them, but helps us keep our rate to you lower than any other platform.

We don't charge setup fees, withdrawal fees, or monthly fees.

No penalties
Didn't reach your target amount but made it half-way and that's good enough to make a difference? Great! It's yours. Because we carefully vet and approve each new fundraising campaign, and because we expect contributors to be comfortable with not expecting a refund, whatever you raise is yours and we don't penalise you for not reaching your target.

When raising funds, it's important to have real-time reporting on your funds so you can plan accordingly. More than that, you may want to know who is donating and where they came from, so you can focus your marketing efforts accordingly. Quicket provides that all at no extra cost, on your campaign dashboard which you can access anywhere, any time.

Distributed collection
The more places where people can donate to your campaign, the better your chance of raising funds. Embed our donation widget on your own site and let your audience donate right there, without leaving, in the same one step payment process as the Quicket platform.

If you want to get even more sophisticated, you can publish your Quicket campaign QR code on your site, social channels, or even overlaid on your video content, so donors can donate by just scanning with their phone.

What else?
We have a ton of platform functionality, team experience, and a can do attitude, so if you need something or wonder if we might have it, chat to us! Or take the plunge and set up your next fundraiser or crowdfunding project now with no contractual commitment or load up fees.


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