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Quicket Event Marketing Course – Lesson 1

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Event Marketing Course: Lesson 1 - Before You Start

Lesson 1:
Before You Start - Is this course the right course for you?

This is lesson 1 in the ‘Marketing your Quicket Event’ course.
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Welcome to lesson 1 of our ‘Marketing your Quicket event’ course. At the end of this 10-part course you’ll have all the tools you need to market your event effectively, ensuring you have as many ticket sales as possible.

Let’s begin, shall we? Here’s what’s important for you to know before you start marketing your Quicket event.

Before we start, it's good to know that you can do a lot on Quicket - if you can think of it, it's likely possible to set up. We're always here to help and have a wonderfully responsive Customer Success team, so if you're ever not sure or want to know if something is possible, give us a shout! The best channel for support with your event is to email us on [email protected] or to call us on +27 21 424 9308.


1  Why do I need this course? Won’t Quicket market my event for me?

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The short answer is no. Quicket is primarily a ticketing platform, and although we have built a suite of incredibly effective features that help you market your event, you will still need to drive traffic to our site. Leave it to us to do what we do best - making it really easy for people to book tickets to your event.

What about marketing to people that visit the Quicket website? It’s a valid question, but in our experience, people don’t generally visit ticketing sites to see what events are happening; they visit ticketing sites to find more information or book tickets to events they already know are on that site. So creating your event and simply hoping that people will find your ticket sales page without actively marketing your event is a sure fire way to end up with an empty (or cancelled) event.

Though, never fear! We wouldn’t leave you high and dry. That’s what this course is for 😉 There are a few building blocks that we’ll walk you through to ensure your event is visible enough. Follow it through to the end and you can be sure you’ll have covered all your bases.

2  Is this course right for me?

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Is this course right for me? Short answer: Yes!

This course follows our Event Starter Course which walks you through setting your event up on Quicket properly and effectively, and leaves you with your event in draft mode. Although it’s recommended to do that course first to make sure your event is set up properly for effective ticket sales, you can absolutely follow this course without having done the Event Starter Course - whether you have a fully-set-up event in draft mode or with ticket sales live on Quicket, or not. Regardless of the stage you're in of your event setup and sales, this course will be just as useful to you to make sure you’re marketing it properly.

The rest of this course covers the groundwork you should do in the lead up to your ticket sales going live, as well as how to market your event once your ticket sales are live. Of course, you can absolutely do all the groundwork once your event page is live on Quicket if you prefer, but it’s best to get as many marketing channels set up and in place ahead of time.

As you go through it, take note of all that we recommend you do before your ticket sales go live and do as many of them as you can, so that you're all clued up as you set up your event or for your next one. Even better - some of what you’ll set up in this course you won’t have to set up again for future events.

Ready to carry on? Let’s go!

3  What to use outside of Quicket

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One of the first rules of marketing is to diversify as much as you can. You should never be focusing all your efforts (and budget) solely on one marketing channel.

The rest of this course will cover the building blocks that are needed to effectively market any event - including the channels you need, and strategies that work specifically well for the events industry:

  • Facebook (a non-negotiable for events)
  • Other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (depends on your specific event and audience)
  • A solid content plan (that saves you time and stress)
  • Mailchimp (email marketing)
  • Ticketing platform tools that enhance your marketing efforts
  • Paid ads on social media (as a start)
  • Website (if you don’t have one, make this a priority before email marketing, or use your Quicket event page or organiser profile as your event website)

In the rest of this course, we’ll go into getting each of these set up and what to do with each of them, the content to create, as well as further marketing strategies to test and implement for your event.

Before we go into anything related to these, know that they each have myriad resources to walk you through anything you ever need to do on each platform. We’ll refer you to some of these as we go through this course.

Each lesson of this course focuses on one of these as a fundamental tool to market your event effectively, and we cover content creation as a separate lesson. We strongly encourage you to go through each of them - even if you know a platform fairly well - it’s possible that there’s something particularly important you’re not aware of that could make a big impact on your ticket sales!

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