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Quicket on display at Facebook F8 Conference 2019 thanks to Messenger integration into the Quicket platform


Press: Facebook F8


Facebook F8 Developer Conference: Quicket has been working quite closely with Facebook over the past while, specifically around ticket delivery, but that's just the start.

"Ticket delivery is an interesting challenge. Some people are on feature phones, some people are on smartphones, some people are on email, some people are only on social media. Some people are only prepared to get a ticket on the ground, hand-to-hand, you know, a physical thing." says James Tagg, co-founder and director of Quicket.

If you buy a ticket through Quicket, you can now get your ticket delivered with a little QR code directly in your Facebook Messenger app. This means you don't need to go anywhere else to retrieve it and you can simply show it on your phone at the door of the event you're attending, and have your ticket QR code scanned.

"We're quite proud and excited to have our logo on display at F8, since it's kind of a good example of the kind of things we're trying to do at Quicket - to use technology to stay at the front of the wave." says James.

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