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Influencing the influencers

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With socially seeded advertising, and sponsored posts seemingly everywhere nowadays - it's not surprising that Influencer Marketing has become an even bigger trend in 2017. When you think about it, who wouldn’t want to reach their target audience directly through someone they can relate to and like?

Social media has placed influencers in the position to reach hundreds of thousands of their followers with everything they say. And of course, people don’t follow influencers because they have to; they follow them because they see them as trendsetters, looking to them for guidance on where to go and what to spend their money on. So getting influencers to speak about your event in the form of influencer marketing can really make a huge difference to who knows about it and how many people attend it.

But using influencers isn’t just about sponsoring some posts and hoping for the best. You need to take a couple of steps to ensure you get what you’re paying for...

Pick the right influencer

This one seems logical but often people don’t follow it. In order to get the right influencer in place, you first have to know your audience and who is relevant enough to them. So it’s a good idea to start with a buyer persona that can help you find the perfect influencer.

Find out your ideal buyers:

  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Where they live
  • What gender they identify as
  • Earning bracket
  • What brands they like
  • Their interests
  • Where they hang out online and in real life

Then make sure to keep tabs on the social media accounts, brands, groups and causes you know your audience relates to. Soon you’ll discover the blogs, articles, public figures, and people with the right reach and relevance to market your event. Now the fun begins.

Make it worth the influencer's while

Think about how you could add value to them too (remember it’s a two way street). Perhaps they would like VIP treatment, or backstage access, or both! Maybe they would like their name on the invite, or to say a few words at the event. It’s important that you integrate your influencer and their personality into your marketing and event to get the most out for both parties.

Create quality content that they’ll actually want to share with their followers. And let them do the same for you.

Make sure that your event is in line with their interests and that of their followers. Don’t mass message them. Send them a personal invite highlighting why you think they are a good fit, and offer them a unique discount for them to give to their circles and followers.

If your event is on Quicket, you can send a unique link to each of your influencers which tracks each click and purchase on that link, while automatically applying their unique discount. It couldn’t be easier. Plus you’ll get all the info you need to see just how each influencer and also your choice of influencer is benefitting your event and marketing.

You can create these links on the fly, in three quick steps:

  • One: Use link campaigns to create their unique tracking link.
  • Two: Create a discount code.
  • Three: Add the two together by adding this onto the end of your unique link link: &dc=your code here (If point three completely blew your mind, ask anyone you know who has IT in their job title, or contact Quicket for some help.)

As long as your influencer uses their unique link, you’ll be able to track the clicks and purchases from it in real time, from within your event dashboard.

Plan your promotion with your influencer

Last but definitely not least, discuss a promotion plan with your influencers. Talk about how they are going to promote your event, and how often you can expect posts from them, as well as whether they will be doing a follow up post after the event is finished.

Not only will this benefit you but it will also allow the influencer to put their individual stamp on your event. After all, that’s the reason you contacted them in the first place.

And that’s that. Prepare to get influencing and making an even bigger success of your events.

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