The who, what, why of Quicket

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The friends behind Quicket.

Who’s behind the hard-working tech? What makes Quicket’s team tick? Why ticketing? Passionate about building all things tech, friends and business partners James Tagg, Mike Kennedy and James Hedley were always looking for solutions their web development business could solve. They recognised a need for ticketing to become more efficient and easier to manage for anyone who wants to host an event. And in 2011 Quicket was born. Together the three Quicketeers have put a team together that makes this innovative technology run smoothly 24/7, 365 and a half days of the year. A little about the tech. Read More...

Are you a developer? Quicket is hiring

Nina van den BergEverything, News, Quicket

Quicket | Office

Hello, World! We’re hiring developers. Do you specifically want to work in a young, non-corporate team that works in the events industry, in a far more casual and super creative environment? We’re always looking for developers and currently have positions for both developers and senior developers available. We want to make the most awesome ticketing system in SA and Africa. Quicket is one of South Africa’s largest online ticketing providers. It’s a self-managed platform that allows anyone running an event to sell tickets to their event online. It’s more than that though. Read More...