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All In The Wrist: How cashless technologies are transforming music festivals

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Tappit bringing cashless to you.

The folly of festival-goers. If you’ve been to a festival in the last year, you’ll know the drill all too well. Long queues in a sea of music fanatics. Limited numbers of high-fee ATMs on site (a festival the size of Glastonbury has just six to service 175,000 people), which always seem to have run out of cash as you get to the front of the queue. Lost wallets. Cumbersome food and drinks tokens. And and and… The good news is that cashless is here to change all of that.

Cashless technologies such as tappit are creating a whole new world for event organisers and attendees alike.

The logistical baggage carried by traditional music festivals is not always pretty; but it doesn’t have to be like that. Cashless events are great for event organisers, but they are really aimed at truly enhancing the customer experience, marrying technology with live entertainment to ensure the best experience possible.

The cashless event experience aligns with the way new generations behave and consume.

Like the multifunctional, my-life-is-broken-without-it smartphone, a festival wristband now goes far beyond for entry purposes only. RFID technology allows live events to create a controlled and organised ecosystem where guests only need one thing to do everything at music festivals: the band attached to their wrist. Preloading funds online before the event, entering the venue, paying for food, drinks and other concessions, processing refunds and keeping a digital wallet at the event; all can be done seamlessly with a single tap. With this, guests can say goodbye to the headache of long queues and messy cash transactions.

For event organisers there are a host of unmissable operational benefits, including shorter lines, protection from cash and card thefts, overall seamless access control and improved efficiencies. Of course, this technology allows event organisers to approach sponsors with real-time data and analytics on who is ordering what, and when they’re ordering it, an attractive proposition for any sponsor, as well as a good way for event holders to know exactly which drinks and snacks are the most popular. And if that’s not enough, cashless payment systems have also been proven to increase on-site guest spending. Sneaky but true. The technology, combined with tactical marketing efforts, can drive more sales and implement targeted promotions or other marketing strategies.

The future is here for live music festivals.

tappit, a leading global cashless solution provider has been responsible for improving the event experience around the world with its proprietary system and technology. With a global portfolio as varied as the Dubai Rugby 7s, Bestival Bali, DP Golf World Tour Championship in Dubai and the Zando Cape Town 10s in Cape Town, tappit is steadily cementing its place as one of the market pioneers for versatile use of technologies at live events.

Rob Groombridge, Chief Executive Officer at tappit couldn’t be more excited about the transformation RFID has brought to live events:

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to improve experiences for live events through the seamless technology of RFID system. We are committed to transforming more experiences and becoming the cashless solution provider of choice for all kinds of venues around the world.”

The future is here for live music festivals. The final goal is always to create a better experience, both for the customers and organisers, and this tech-driven movement has been proven to actually set a new standard for live events. Speed, accuracy and simplicity are the definite qualities RFID-based cashless solutions provide, so both customers and organisers can focus on enjoying the experience and creating good times and memories.

Radio-frequency Identification technology (RFID) is leading the new seamless cashless experience at major live events all around the globe, promising both better guest experience and improved event management from the organiser’s side.

About tappit.

For more information about tappit, please contact Justin King on [email protected] or +27 71 673 7880.

tappit is a dynamic company specialising in cashless payment solutions for events and permanent venues. Its proprietary platform has been developed over many years to PCI security standards. The tappit product is location neutral and has been implemented in various territories. The technology allows users to store funds on wristbands or cards, enabling venues to work cash-free. The solution uses RFID technology and can be used for one-off events or permanent installations. For more information see

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