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Are you a developer? Quicket is hiring

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Quicket staff

Hello, World! We’re hiring developers.

Do you specifically want to work in a young, non-corporate team that works in the events industry, in a far more casual and super creative environment? We're always looking for developers and currently have positions for both developers and senior developers available.


We want to make the most awesome ticketing system in SA and Africa

Quicket is one of South Africa's largest online ticketing providers. It's a self-managed platform that allows anyone running an event to sell tickets to their event online. It's more than that though, people use Quicket to raise funds, collect donations, pay their friends back, run raffles, sell merchandise and more. With over 800 events of all shapes and sizes on the site at any point, things are never dull around here!

We are looking for a senior developer to help scale our platform to meet the needs of our rapidly growing event organiser base. You will have a unique opportunity at being an integral part in building a highly scalable, highly reliable pan-African ticketing platform. Have a look at the job specs here.

Apply and work for the best ticketing company in South Africa – developer-owned and run.


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Nina van den Berg

Nina is the Marketing Manager for Quicket and is passionate about growing a community of event organisers into one that is empowered to create incredible experiences. An event organiser herself, she’s also worked across brand marketing, social media, and in the non-profit world. She’s a burner (AfrikaBurn) at heart, an avid baker, loves a good hug, and cooking dinner for friends over a glass of good wine.

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