Awesome websites you must get your event listed on

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Top 20 sites to list your event on.

Getting your event noticed is just a click away… One extremely cost-effective way to get extra exposure for your event is to make sure you get listed on websites relevant to what your event entails and where it might be happening. There are literally thousands and thousands of blogs, event listing sites and digital magazines out there, so we’ve done a bit of the drudge work for you by researching which sites drive the most traffic. We took a look at traffic volumes sent from marketing- and events-aggregation sites to ticket sales pages on Quicket’s website. Read More...

Conversion Rates: How to make yours sing

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Conversion rates are a crucial part of selling tickets to an event.

Do you feel like you have a lot of interest in your event but somehow you’re losing customers? We think we can help. Let’s talk Conversion Rates – what they are, how can you use them, and what are the industry averages? So, we’re just going to put it out there. Around 87% of people who show an interest in your event won’t end up buying a ticket. It hurts to read it, doesn’t it? And when we say show an interest, we don’t mean a simple like on Facebook. Although we do love our likes. No, those who’ve shown an interest are the people who have taken the time to click through to your ticket page and have considered buying a ticket. Read More...