Creative ways to use Quicket you’ve never considered

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Collect funds between friends

Elizabeth BreslinElizabeth is Quicket’s UX Manager. She works on actively remaking the interface between business and customer and is steadily shaping the relationship between the two like a river shapes a valley. Liz fixates on ensuring the booking experience between event page and ticket buyer is intuitive, easy and universal. She’s Harry Potter obsessed, loves a pun and has a wicked sense of … Read More Read More...

So you want to run an event at school?

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You need complete control to run a successful, amazing school event.

There’s a new-school of thought behind school events. If you’ve run school events, you’ll know how much time and admin it takes, what with dealing with nit-picky parents, finding ways to track who has paid for what, how they paid, if you remembered to give them their tickets and whether the cool kids will be there. The best solution, we’ve found, is to make sure to store all the event information in one place, and of course, for you to not have to collect the money yourself. You’re throwing an event not looking to get into debt collection ;). Read More...