Want to sell more tickets? Here’s some marketing advice

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Speak to your target market where they already are.

Your event can be the best thing that’s come to town since Elvis… but if people don’t know about it, they won’t come.


Know your target market

Let’s start there. Knowing who your main audience is will guide you in where and how to market to them. Think about their age, interests, gender, occupation, location, use of technology/media etc.

Speak to them where they already are

Are they young and into social media? Which platform is most popular with them? Are there interest groups or event sites you can reach them in? Think of activity Facebook groups, blogs, online magazines etc. Are they older and use email more? What shops/coffee shops could you put up posters to reach them at?

One picture = a thousand words

Make sure the look of your marketing material is eye-catching, slick and sets up the right mood for your event. Online, posts with an image get on average 39% more engagement.

Involve your collaborators, partners and sponsors

When you sign an agreement with food vendors, hosts, DJs or artists, make sure you include a clause that says they must market the event on their platforms. Just supply them with the content or design elements they’ll be able to use. You’ll be reaching new people who already know and support them.

Can you offer someone who has a big social circle or a specific, relevant interest group discounted group tickets? A promotional code could be used to distinguish them.

See how to create these here or read our article that explores influencer marketing more here.

Your event page: your final marketing tool

When people do arrive, are they being enticed enough to buy a ticket? Do you have cool photos or videos? Are you setting the right mood for your event? Is all the info they need there, but presented in a simple, concise way?

See how you can customise your page here.

Make it easy for them to buy a ticket

If you’re using social media do you have:

If you have a website, are you:

Early bird tickets

If lots of people are visiting your event page, but not buying tickets, consider offering an early bird ticket.

Create a social media content calendar

Plan ahead and know what posts you’re going to make when to stay top of mind. Up the engagement by asking your audience questions and getting them involved.


Hashtags, search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid social media ads

These are all valuable tools that will help people find your event. Make sure you think like a consumer and choose words they would use to search.

Emailers and SMS’s

Do you have a database of previous attendees you can send something out to? Maybe even offer them a discounted or loyalty ticket.

Run a competition

If you come up with a clever idea, you can get your target market to market the event for you. Get them to tag a friend they’d like to go with, for example.

The final stretch

Reach out to invitees by sending out posts or an emailer that highlights some of the exciting elements of your event like key speakers or performers, how many attendees will already be there, what great food will be there etc. This also ups the excitement for those already going.

Good luck!

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Roxanne, part of our Organiser Success Team, started at Quicket as the first employee in 2013, and works closely with our family of Organisers to ensure that their events are successful, and that they get the very best of the Quicket platform. She is a mother of three girls (two of which are feline) and loves to spend her free time wondering around Cape Town, and developing new recipe’s in the kitchen.

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